One of Us Celebrates European Election Results and Commits to Ongoing Citizen Engagement

The One of Us federation, is heartened with the recent European election results. The outcomes highlight a robust commitment among European citizens to foundational values, signaling widespread support for life and family.

Election results underscore the growing concern among voters for safeguarding the essential values that support European society. Recognizing the electorate’s strong message, One of Us emphasizes the critical importance of maintaining a close connection with European citizens and ensuring that their voices are continuously heard, not just during election periods.

“We are encouraged by the election outcomes, which show that Europeans are deeply invested in the foundational values of the European Union like the protection of life and the defense of family” said Tonio Borg, former European commissionaire and member of the One of Us board. “It is vital that we remain closely engaged with citizens, keeping them informed and involved in the ongoing political debates, ensuring their voices resonate in the European Parliament and not only during election time”.

In response to the election results, “One of Us” is committed to fostering ongoing dialogue and collaboration with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all political groups. The organization aims to build a multiparty political force dedicated to representing the interests of the voiceless, advocating for inherent human dignity.

“At the heart of our mission is the unwavering belief in the intrinsic worth of every human being. Promoting and protecting human dignity across Europe is not just a moral imperative but a foundational pillar of the European Union. We are dedicated to ensuring that our policies and actions reflect this commitment, fostering a society where every life is respected and valued”, said Marina Casini, president of the One of Us federation.

Facilitating this engagement, our federation is leading initiatives aimed at keeping citizens informed about legislative developments and providing platforms for direct communication between the citizens and their representatives. Our organization will also prepare a series of events and forums to discuss key issues and strategies for advancing life and family values across Europe.

To support us and to stay informed about the promotion of inherent human dignity in the European institutions visit and sign our citizens appeal.

About One of Us European Federation:

One of Us is a European federation dedicated to protecting human life and dignity from conception to natural death. With over 50-member associations, we advocate for inherent human dignity as the foundation of freedom and human rights.

Founded after the One of Us European Citizens’ Initiative, which gathered over 1.7 million signatures, we continue to fight against EU funding for programs that destroy human embryos.

Join us in upholding human dignity. Sign our appeal and support our mission at

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