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→ You are One of Us if you recognize the importance of family to educate children and build their free individual identity rooted and respectful of national culture.

→ You are One of Us if you believe that the European Union should respect its Member States and should not overstep its competences defined in the European treaties.

→ You are One of Us if you resent seeing babies being sold like products for consumption and women being treated as vessels to grow babies in surrogacy contracts.

→ You are One of Us if you value your family, your neighbour, your city, your nation, and Europe, without forgetting those who are suffering close to home.

→ You are One of Us if you believe that human beings are part of nature ‘solution and that ecological problems can only be resolved with the participation and the creativity of men and women.

→ You are One of Us if you believe that no law can have a hold on the destiny of a human life. Every form of human life, from its most humble spark to its final flicker, holds inherent value, deserving unwavering protection under any circumstance.

To shape a fresh vision for Europe, be One of Us.

Let’s give ourselves a future.

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since 25.04.2024

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