Eugenic abortion vs Polish constitution

Eugenic abortion vs Polish constitution – ONE OF US   The European Federation for Human Life and Dignity ONE OF US supports “amici curiae” opinion for the lawsuit by the polish Constitutional Court.   Ordo Iuris Insitute Opinion stated that the admissibility of depriving of life an unborn child who is highly likely to suffer…


Anti-abortion marches across Poland

Called Marches for Life and Family, the demonstrations were planned in 60 cities across the country, with participants advocating for traditional family values and a total ban on abortion. Source:,Antiabortion-marches-across-Poland

Swedish midwife loses court case when denied employment after asking to avoid abortion – takes her case to the European Court of Humans Rights

On April 12 the Swedish Labour Court ruled against midwife Ellinor Grimmark who in 2013-2014 was denied employment by three different hospitals because of her conscientious objection to abortion and because she expressed her opinion in a local paper when interviewed. The Labour Court had accepted the case after a lower court previously came to…

Criminal Obstruction to Abortion: The French Senate Refreshes the Text Without Taking out its Freedom-Destroying Dimension

February 16th – Gènétique Website In less than two hours, the French Senate went over, for the second time, the writing of the new criminal offence concerning abortion proposed by the National Assembly. 171 voices against 147 allowed the left-wing senators and a couple of centrists to restore the version they had adopted during the…

One of Us Statement: The European Federation “One of Us” expresses its full rejection to a possible EU taxpayer funding to perform or promote abortion

Jaime Mayor Oreja, President of the Federation One of Us: “After the resounding voice expressed by 2 million EU citizens demanding to the European Institutions to ban the fund of the activities that suppose the destruction of human life, the new declarations and requests for funding actions that directly threaten human life are not a right, but a clear violation of our democratic principles and of the defence and protection of life we owe to our society”.