Our vision is mainly focused at the European level. Along with this, the Federation will work to build relations with any entity working in the same scope of action in all geographic areas, and may develop its own activities worldwide, promoting widely a worldwide dialogue on the values that imply the Culture of Life.

“One of Us” Federation will develop activities regarding  the following areas:

  1. The promotion of laws that protect life of every human being, before and after birth, particularly in the most vulnerable stages of life, without exception. The objection and rejection of legislative proposals, which weaken public guarantees of protection of human life in the most vulnerable stages, in Europe and beyond, on legal, political and cultural levels.
  2. The promotion of the recognition of the dignity of the human embryo, in each stage of his or her development, avoiding his or her undergoing of inhuman treatment or degradation – such as freezing, experimentation, research or any commercial use;
  3. The promotion of the recognition of the dignity and respect for humans who are diagnosed either before or after birth with disabilities, equally with those who do not suffer from disease or disability of any kind;
  4. The promotion of the submission of all techniques, biomedical research or biotechnology to ethical criteria – specially to the recognition of human rights and -dignity of all humans from the first moment of his or her existence, avoiding all kinds of discrimination
  5. the promotion of scientific research that respects the human being from conception, as the promotion of research on non-embryonic stem cells, and the abandonment of techniques and programs which lead to the destruction or manipulation of human embryos particularly through the human ESC (embryonic stem cells) research and human cloning.
  6. The promotion of therapeutically programs for the treatment of diseases of unborn children who are diagnosed with medical defects, aiming at a safe delivery and further treatment after birth.
  7. The condemnation of techniques and practices for selection and elimination of human beings before and after birth and any eugenic policy.
  8. The promotion of a Hippocratic culture and medical practice, totally respectful of the human being from conception to natural death.
  9. The building of a culture to support sexual responsibility; appreciation and promotion of marriage; and family as the ideal and natural context to welcome and give life and to hand down experience and heritage from generation to generation.
  10. The promotion of effective social safety networks for pregnant women, so that none may feel alone when facing an unplanned pregnancy, which may lead to the risk of social exclusions, as a result of being a mother of the one-to- be born;
  11. The promotion of the respect for families and parents freedom, to educate and pass on values and ethical convictions to their child(ren), without ideological interference of any other institution;
  12. The effective recognition of dignity of all humans through the humanization of pain, disease and passing away and the promotion of palliative medicine in all European health systems;
  13. The promotion of Culture of Life worldwide claiming for: the eradication of prostitution and any other kind of human degradation, the penalization for sexual exploitation of children, the adequate reception of migrants, the respect for freedom of religion and conscience and the construction of a community of nations, friendly with human dignity and the Right to Life;
  14. The promotion of a worldwide dialogue of the Culture of Life, open to other parts of the world. .
  15. The promotion of ecological awareness and respect for natural environment, including the natural environment of the human being.
  16. The promotion of humanity in economic systems, placing them at the service of human dignity.
  17. Any other activities in supporting and developing the above-mentioned purposes